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About Us

We are Andy and Brandi Wolf, we have been married 27 years and counting.  Andy is a lineman and enjoys farming with his in-laws, Rick and Linda. Brandi is a pharmacist with a passion for quilting. We are blessed with two beautiful daughters. Both are excited to be part of this next journey. Brandi’s parents have been encouraging from day one and will most likely be seen around the shop as our farms adjoin. Merc on the Hill is more than a business endeavor, we love our farm, the quiet peaceful location and want to share it with others while entertaining old and new quilters or anybody that wants to come to the country to relax. Introducing the world of quilting to others is something that Brandi is excited to do. We have a lot of wonderfully skilled quilters in our area. She hopes Merc on the Hill will be a place for people to come sew and entice new quilters to start learning a skill that is one you can pass on to generations to come.

“My hope is to create a place where people want to come learn, relax, and teach each other not just about quilting, but slowing down to enjoy one another and the world around them. Leaving with a project and fun fabric is a great bonus too!” - Brandi


The inspiration for Merc on the Hill has been several years in the making. Brandi’s grandma Bonnie has always been her role model and mentor, teaching her how to quilt, cross-stitch, and embroider. A heart-felt gift from her Grandma started her quilting journey. Grandma Bonnie made a quilter’s essential kit from a vintage quilt made by Brandi’s other grandma, Eloise. It was the foundation that would prove to be key to unlocking a passion and love for fabric and quilting. Brandi’s very first quilt she made was a Grandmother’s Fan quilt. Looking back, she was fairly certain her grandma went back and “fixed” or “touched” up the quilt. As with any grandma, Bonnie denies this.

From an early age Brandi has always wanted to own a store that specialized in bringing people in to commune and stay awhile. Her desire to own a store and her love of quilting has melded together to create Merc on the Hill. Andy, the other equally important part of the business, has been supportive from the start. Andy is an electric lineman by trade but enjoys woodworking and creating lasting pieces of furniture.

Merc on the Hill is still undergoing construction, but we plan to have space for quilters to come, stay, sew, and relax. Our store will have a large classroom area featuring sewing tables handcrafted by Andy, as well as cutting tables and ironing stations. Come shop, unwind and quilt with old and new friends!